As a pupil, I agree to:

  • Take care of my chromebook at all times.

  • Bring my chromebook to school every day, fully charged.

  • Always keep my Chromebook safe and store it in an appropriate carry case when outside of my class (we would recommend getting a small case for safe storage).

  • Only take my chromebook (and headphones) out during lessons time when directed or at home - never during social times, when walking between classes or when travelling to and from School.

  • Understand and accept that if a teacher asks me to put my chromebook and headphones away, I must do so immediately

  • Only use programs/apps/websites on my chromebook that my teacher has agreed I can use in the lessons.

  • Not use my chromebook to take photographs or record audio or video footage unless explicitly instructed to do so by my teacher with the permission of those involved.

  • Never access inappropriate or unauthorised content on my chromebook, including social media.

  • Any anti-social behaviour: harassment, intimidation or bullying behaviour via chromebooks will be dealt with in line with the schools behaviour policy.

  • Not remove any security markings or serial number labels.

  • Not deface the chromebook in any way or subject it to graffiti, including any personalisation and stickers.

  • Never reveal my password to anyone else with the exception of a parent or a carer.

  • Never allow anyone else to use my chrome book; I understand that I am solely responsible for any material which is accessed, downloaded or generated on my chromebook.

  • Not attempt to repair or reset my chromebook if it stops working in any way, either by myself or through any other means. I will report any technical problems to APS Support support@abercarnprimary.org.

  • Immediately report any damage, loss or theft which happens in the school to a member of staff and APS Support.

  • Understand that chargers are not included in the main management of the device. If I lose or damage my charger I will be required to purchase a replacement charger.